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SO Collective - Sustainable Solar Energy Solutions & Commercial Solar Solutions | Aesthetic Design

Welcome to the SO Collective, a unique initiative combining art and sustainability for a greater future. The goal is simple; to create highly functional, uniquely transformative, and beautifully designed sustainable and solar solutions that bring communities together for the good of mankind.

Our Perennial and Powerleaf patented creations harness the natural and limitless energy of the sun to create awe-inspiring, powerful pieces of art. Pieces of art that serve a deeper purpose in your life and the lives of those around you.

We’ve worked tirelessly and meticulously to create unique, fully customizable solar solutions with a distinctive artistic flair and powerful capabilities, and want to share our creations with you to help change the world.

emPOWER the world with SO Collective.

The Perennial

The Perennial is the embodiment of the SO Collective’s ethos, and is an ambitious artistic endeavor to promote aspects of humanity that are too often overlooked.

Environmental awareness, social infrastructure, and human connectivity are vital for the survival of the human race, and we’ve managed to wrap each of these up in a commercial solar solution with a customizable artistic distinction.

Designed to stand tall as a symbol of human solidarity working towards a common cause of providing wellness to the world, each individual purchase makes you an active participant in our journey. Our quest. Our purpose and ambition of engaging in a meaningful way with communities to enact positive change for the future. All while looking sublime and making a bold aesthetic statement in the process.

An Artistic, Social-Environmental Endeavor for Commercial Solar Solutions

The Perennial. An idea for the soul and from the soul.

We’ve repurposed discarded plastics that have either been recovered from the ocean or plastics that have been recycled to create The Perennial. The manifestation of the design is a hopeful attempt to serve humanity by delivering sustainable art for beauty and awareness, and deliver evergreen solar power for years to come in a completely off the grid fashion.

It is a digital scenography sculpture that innovates in new ways. It creates a total work of art incorporating technology and crafted through a painstaking process, combining years of experience and expertise to deliver a significant cultural impact.


The Perennial is not just a solar panel charging station, sculpture, or piece of standalone art, it’s a vital cog in society. It will redefine social infrastructures thanks to its use within pedestrian repose, and it will revitalize communities to work towards a common goal.


A common goal of sustainability and the use of solar energy as opposed to harmful alternatives. A common goal future generations can live by.

Customizable Solar Panel Art to Change the World

The Perennial can also be fully customized using a pantone color palette. This means choosing between any color you like for any and all elements within the structure.

We allow for the ability to mix and match color combinations and styles from the body to the lids, top leaf and gobo, as well as the solar panel base itself. You can also customize the pod base with any color, design, or messaging you wish. This gives you the opportunity to fully represent you or your community with whatever it is that’s important to you, your home, landscape, or business.

The lids also allow for cross ventilation and protection from the sun. They operate using an on-friction hinge that stays open until closed for a high level of functionality as well as an alluring aesthetic.

The Perennial is…

  • Versatile – An off the grid, standalone solar panel sculpture which offers multiple benefits to the consumer and wider community.

  • Conscientious – Designed to be gentle and enrich wellbeing, painstaking work has gone into making The Perennial a conscientious project that is sustainable, embracing and utilizing of limitless, free, natural power.

  • Sustainable – Using repurposed, discarded plastics that have either been recovered from the ocean or plastics that have been recycled to create The Perennial, the design of the structure makes the social impact of The Perennial even more immense. It’s not only an aid for the planet, but can help participants earn credits in BREEAM & LEED projects, too.

  • Aesthetically Beautiful – Look at it and marvel at the beauty and unique design work that has gone into every detail of the sculpture. This is a piece of art that serves a vital purpose and looks incredible.

  • Simply Assembled – No heavy, costly construction elements or infrastructure is needed, and no complex and expensive wiring is required. You can even monitor The Perennial remotely for optimum performance and ultimate control.

  • Easy to Maintain – The RGB LED Smart lighting means long lasting, cost effective, and energy saving within an all-weather, robust technology. You can also control evening ambiance and maintenance costs are minimal, if any.

  • Strong – With a 170mph wind load, The Perennial solar panel structure is unique in more ways than one. It’s simple to construct yet can withstand massive pressure, all while serving a distinct purpose of providing sustainable, limitless energy from the oldest resource in our galaxy – The Sun.

  • Solar Tax Credits – Being an off grid solar system, installations of the Perennial and Powerleaf can mean that you’re eligible for state solar incentives as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).


See for yourself the immense power of The Perennial and customize yours in any way you wish. From additional safety features including security cameras to the capacity to implement the power of a smart city, The Perennial is versatile in innumerable ways.


It doubles up as a solar panel charging station capable of charging all mobile phones, and further additions you can make include the ability of incorporating a WiFi hotspot, as well as providing a tabula rasa for individual expression.


Make a statement with The Perennial. Read about how you can help us change the world with sustainable art that makes a difference and get in touch with SO Collective should you have any queries relating to The Perennial or The Powerleaf.

The Powerleaf – The Next Step in Solar Panel Design

The Powerleaf is here to revolutionize the old way of doing things when it comes to solar panel design and execution. When compared to harmful, destructive energy such as oil and coal, commercial solar solutions and solar energy at large is still in its infancy in terms of innovation.

But not with SO Collective.

We imagined what the world of solar energy could look like when observed through the lens of art and beautiful aesthetics, and what we created as a result of this mindset and world-view was The Powerleaf.

Limitless, Free, Natural Energy with The Powerleaf

Can you imagine? We did.

We brought together the worlds of sustainability and art to reimagine sustainable solar energy solutions as elegant. To reimagine solar as creative. To recreate solar as beauty. And we achieved all of this and more with The Powerleaf.


High power. High quality. High end. Why compromise when you can have it all?

High Functionality in a Beautiful Design

One hour of the sun’s rays striking earth generates more power than the world is able to consume in any given year. Why would we not do everything we could to harness this energy with solar solutions?

Functionality is at the forefront of The Powerleaf, just beyond the intricacies and magic of the solar panel design itself. Adding unique and relevant aesthetics that have evolved from the utilitarian rectangular solar panel shape of old, this visually pleasing piece of elegance is here to transform how the world views solar energy.

It is here to provide limitless, free energy without looking like anything else you’ve ever seen.

The Powerleaf Is…

  1. Game changing in appearance – Offering a unique spin on the old, tired shape of solar panels you’re used to, The Powerleaf is striking in its design and visual aesthetic.

  2. Sustainable – Using the energy of the oldest and most powerful resource available, The Sun, The Powerleaf harnesses this energy to power your home effectively and over the long-term.

  3. Elegant – The design is visually beautiful, and the technology is incredibly potent for society and the greater good.

  4. Powerful – Offering a maximum power of Pmax 120 Wp with a cell efficiency of 22.2%, The Powerleaf is unique in its power while being based on market leaders.

SO Collective is…

A disruptive and ambitious, woman and minority owned small business with one simple yet vital mission.

To produce sustainable solar energy solutions and replicable works of art for everyone. To bring together aesthetic, beauty, and elegance to ignite change and create a better future for our planet.

Founded by international award winning digital scenographer Anaitte Vaccaro, SO Collective is here to change the world of solar energy and art by combining the two together in a powerful and unique fashion.

SO is here to emPOWER the world.

Change the world with SO Collective

Join us on our journey of bringing together the worlds of art and sustainability and encouraging a circle economy. Commercial solar solutions have gone through vast change over the years and as a collective, we look to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable solar energy solutions of all kinds.

Every Perennial you purchase for your community is a blank canvas for the expression of your personality. Every Powerleaf holds the key to changing your future and offers you the chance to light the spark that ignites change in the world.

Get in Touch with SO Collective

If you have any questions relating to anything you’ve seen on our website, from the customization options of The Perennial to the Powerleaf capabilities and uses, feel free to get in touch.

Our art is your art, and we cannot express how much we love connecting with those who want to join us on our mission to be a conduit of change in the world. Help us help the planet by getting in touch today.

Contact us and we will respond to any questions you have regarding The Perennial, The Powerleaf, or anything at all about SO Collective.


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