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Off Grid Solar Power With a Difference

We’ve combined a simple and powerful goal with bold and beautiful artistic choices to create something unique, adaptable, and fully customizable. The Perennial is the fruit of our labor and is an off grid solar power system that harnesses the natural and limitless energy of the sun in a beautifully collaborative way.

Our mission is to implement The Perennial across the nation in order to serve a deeper purpose within communities across the country. It is to encourage the use of limitless solar power from an age-old resource with practically untapped potential.


We’ve worked tirelessly and meticulously to create this unique, fully customizable solar power system with a distinctive artistic flair and sustainable functionality in abundance. Now it’s time to share our creations with society to help change the world for the better.

The Perennial – A Unique Solar Power System with Roots in Despair

The Perennial takes inspiration out of painful necessity. A painful necessity that is so excruciating, it’s consistently overlooked by those with the ability to make change on a grand scale. We are of course, talking about natural disasters and the action, or inaction, from global leaders.

Hurricane Maria and the destruction caused by this avoidable natural disaster formed the initial basis of inspiration for The Perennial, and it’s not hard to see why. Because of Puerto Rico’s poor electric grid infrastructure, and The Jones Act, citizens of the country were left literally in the dark for almost a year after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

Let that sink in for a moment. One year. No power.

The lack of power caused by this hurricane led to suffering on a mass scale and the death of over 3,000 innocent people. All of this happened even though the island is in prime position to benefit from off grid solar technologies and solar in general.

Simply telling a loved one you cared or that you were okay was almost impossible due to the sudden removal of power, all thanks to an unreliable system powered by antiquated diesel generators. Diesel generators which were rendered useless, and not only did they add more harmful fumes to the atmosphere, but the sky-high prices of gasoline meant that it was impossible to purchase and fuel them.

The darkness in the evenings were “boca de lobo”, and through this pain and avoidable misery, the idea for The Perennial was born. An off grid solar power system that would help in a situation like we saw in Puerto Rico, and one that would contribute to this kind of thing never happening again.

Inaction From World Leaders

The Perennial is therefore a solar power system that takes inspiration from natural disasters caused by a reliance and overuse of fossil fuels, but also from the inaction of world leaders.

Sometimes things are so glaringly obvious that it’s a surprise, and in this case a massive shame, that they aren’t taken seriously enough. Especially by those who are supposed to be in charge of our world and our future.

This has never been more demonstrable than when the USA withdrew from The Paris Agreement. When you understand that the sun, something we see every single day yet still let pass us by when we need it most, strikes the earth with more power in one single hour than our planet can consume in a year, yet nothing is done on a large scale to harness this energy, then something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

This makes the necessity of solar power systems like The Perennial even more overt. The grid and old ways of doing things aren’t suitable any more. If future generations are to enjoy any sort of life at all we need to understand the severity of things now, and act before it’s too late by taking energy off grid.

An Introspective and Outward View to Design

To create The Perennial and manifest an efficient off grid solar power system, we looked inwards to the importance of the individual. This inward view came in the form of personalization of each Perennial, where we allow users to add their own distinctive personality and design in to what is a tabula rasa of a design. Every element of The Perennial comes customizable with wording, colors, and more, to really help the individual look inward, reflect, and demonstrate how they feel and want to express themselves.

We also looked outward to the world, and our hope is that the rollout of The Perennial will act as real-life seedlings and germinate around the nation. A germination of structures and of ideas, with a mission to do right with off grid solar power that benefits people, society, and our planet. Our goal is to create a movement of communities around the nation to achieve a common goal for ourselves and future generations.

That’s what we’re trying to do here at the SO Collective. Create pieces of art that are fascinating and beautiful to consumers and that help us enact change on a grand scale. It’s only by working together and forging our own path will things change, and the fact that The Perennial is fully customizable, collaborative, and suitable for a wide mix of applications, helps us put one step in the right direction when it comes to fighting climate change and utilizing a resource as old as time itself. It also helps us come together as one and look inward and out at the world in order to improve it and ourselves.

Our objective is to make a significant impact on the world with an ambitious, elegant, and painstakingly crafted work of art that benefits humanity and ensures the survival of our planet and those living on it.

Off Grid Solar Power System Prices

When it comes to off grid solar power system prices, there are a number of considerations to be made. You can get in touch to find out more about how we price The Perennial as well as The Powerleaf, and how you can go off grid today by harnessing the power of the sun.

Contact the SO Collective today to find out more information on purchasing The Perennial and enhancing your community with off grid solar power that is bold in terms of both function and form.

Change the world with SO Collective

SO Collective is a unique initiative combining art and sustainability to create solar solutions that are truly transformative and world-changing.

Join us on as we attempt to bring the world together as well as the worlds of art and solar energy. Commercial solar solutions have gone through vast change over the years and as a collective, we look to work together and against the curve when it comes to sustainable solar energy solutions.

emPOWER the world with SO Collective today.

Get in Touch with SO Collective

If you have any questions relating to anything from our website, from the off grid applications of The Perennial to the customization and more, get in today.

We thrive from interaction with those interested in sustainable ways of living, and we love connecting with those who want to join the SO Collective and enact change at scale.

Contact us for any and all information you require.

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