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SO Collective
Best Place to Buy Powerleaf Solar Panels | Aesthetic Design

We've taken technology used in the most powerful solar panels in the market and designed it into a leaf shape.


These high quality solar panels in leaf design add aesthetics to the common utilitarian rectangle solar panel shape.


It offers high functionality in a visually pleasing, elegant design.

Powerleaf Solar Panels

Elegance and Function Combined in The Name of Sustainability

Our mission is to merge art with high functionality to create long-lasting solar panels that are powerful, beautiful, and efficient. Can you imagine such a thing? Well, we did, and it’s what we continue to do with every design.

To carry out such a monumental artistic endeavor, we utilized the latest and most exciting technologies from the most powerful solar panels in the market, adding our own artistic flair to the design.

While solar energy and solar panels are developing every day and improving at a vast scale, the shape and overall feel of solar panels has remained the same across the board. That same utilitarian, block design that honestly has bored us to tears. We decided to change that, and our artistic direction and ability has allowed us to rewrite the rulebook when it comes to solar panels and their aesthetic appeal.

An Artistic Embodiment of a Brighter, More Hopeful Future

The leaf is the perfect embodiment of our goal at SO Collective, to be at one with nature and provide respite for the planet by replacing harmful energy with the sustainable and limitless energy of the sun. It simply makes no sense to continue using fossil fuels and other unsustainable remnants of a time gone by when a limitless supply of clean, free energy sits above us every single day.

With The Powerleaf, we’ve managed to harness this energy in an incredibly efficient and cost-effective manner, adding a bold, fascinating aesthetic in the process. This is encapsulated within the leaf design, which makes for more of a welcomed addition to your home or property rather than an unwelcomed add-on as you may find with other solar panels.

The shape, size, and power housed within The Powerleaf is unrivalled in the industry. This makes SO Collective the best place to buy solar panels in what is a hyper-competitive environment.

Powerful Performance, Powerful Design

The high quality, high performing, and fantastically designed solar panels we provide create a feel of beauty and creativity compared to the run of the mill, rectangular solar panel shape we’ve grown accustomed to seeing.

By pushing the boundaries of artistry and ingenuity, we’ve been able to produce something spectacular in both appearance and functionality, combining art and sustainability effortlessly and elegantly with The Powerleaf.  

The Powerleaf is therefore unique in its class. It offers high functionality in a visually satisfying, graceful design, and is sure to inspire those around you to enact a similar change in their own lives. A positive change for the good of the planet that will benefit ourselves and the futures of everybody on this planet.

Be the change you want to see in the world. emPOWER your community with SO Collective today.


Benefits of The Powerleaf

Aesthetically Pleasing and Artistically Bold – With a unique spin applied to a design that belongs in the past, The Powerleaf is striking in its construction and overall appearance.

  • Sustainability –The Powerleaf harnesses the clean and limitless energy the sun is able to provide, converting this energy and powering your home for years to come.

  • Stylishness – The Powerleaf design is both stylish and modern, with an elegance that’s unmatched in the solar panel industry. Each Powerleaf is also incredibly powerful in terms of how functional it operates in practice, and is therefore a welcomed vehicle to progress into the future of sustainability for society on a whole.

  • Power – Offering a maximum power of Pmax 120 Wp with a cell efficiency of 22.2%, The Powerleaf is exceptional in its power and modelled against the top solar panels in the industry.

  • Functionality – Functionality and artistry come together with The Powerleaf, enabling you to benefit from the energy of the sun and add to the appearance and visual draw of your home.

The Powerleaf is one of a kind. It’s everything the future should be but available to you today. But it’s only available to purchase through the SO Collective.

SO Collective – The Best Place to Buy Solar Panels

If you are in the market to buy solar panels then you’ve come to the right place. By combining art and sustainability we’ve created something truly unique. Our only hope is that you will join us on our vital mission to bring change to the world and carry your home into a sustainable future with The Powerleaf.

To buy solar panels like The Powerleaf or if you have any questions relating to The Perennial or anything about the SO Collective in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look around our website.

And remember, if you’re looking for the best place to buy solar panels, you’re already there.



Dimensions: 52in x 39in (1321mm x 988mm)



Maximum power: Pmax 120 Wp

Open circuit voltage: Voc 30.77 V

Short circuit: Isc 4.66 A

Maximum pw point v: Vmpp 26.08 V

Maximum pw. point c: Impp 4.39 A

Cell Efficiency: 22.2 %



Cell Number: 46

Technology: Monocrystalline

Cell Dimension: 156 x 78

Junction Box: Yes

Glass Thickness: 3mm

Module Technology: Glass/Backsheet

Back Sheet Color: Black


What is SO Collective?

Formed by international award winning digital scenographer Anaitte Vaccaro, SO Collective is here to change the world by combining art and sustainability in a powerful and unforgettable way.

SO Collective is an incarnation of the change that needs to occur within society. We are disruptive and ambitious, woman and minority owned, and a small business with a crucial mission in our sights.

This mission is vital yet simple. It is bold and imaginative yet absolute necessary. It is to enlighten the world with the power of solar panels and sustainable energy with an artistic flair. We create replicable works of art from The Powerleaf to The Perennial so that everybody in society is able to benefit from the clean and limitless energy provided by the sun.

We work tirelessly to successfully bring together game-changing aesthetics and elegance, to ignite the spark that creates change in today’s world and lays the foundation to a brighter future for the planet we all inhabit.

SO Collective is here to emPOWER the world. Join us on our journey today.

Get in Touch with SO Collective Today

If you have any questions relating to The Powerleaf capabilities, costs, uses, or any other queries surrounding the technology itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

We love hearing from those who want to join us on our mission to help change the world, and we have the answers to your burning solar power questions or any queries about our collective that you might have.

Contact us and one of our team will respond swiftly to any questions you have regarding The Perennial, The Powerleaf, or anything else you’d like to learn about the SO Collective.


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